Date: 21st November 2018  

Location:  Tavistock Relationships 70 Warren Street, London, W1T 5PB

Price: £1400

About the Training 

The IAPT Curriculum and Commissioning Guide lays down specifications for accredited Supervisor training for Couple Therapy for Depression. As outlined there, applicants for the training are expected to be experienced supervisors already so the didactic part of the training is conducted over one day with emphasis placed on supervising within an IAPT context and on reinforcing CTD practice, including the ability to assess practitioners’ competencies in the modality. The practice element of the training involves weekly peer-supervision sessions over 6 months with at least 2 Couple Therapy for Depression cases; plus fortnightly consultation on their supervision during this time with an approved training supervisor. Trainees will be required to make assessments of their peers against the practitioner competency scales and will have their own supervision assessed by the consultant.

Who is eligible for the training?

Applicants for Couple Therapy for Depression Supervisor training should be accredited Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT practitioners. They should have experience of providing supervision of couple therapy and where possible have undertaken a recognised training programme in supervision. Ideally, they should be in an IAPT Service, or be able to access their clinical and supervisory work through an IAPT Service or through a non-IAPT commissioned service. Each application must include the forms below:
• completed Applicant Details form
• a statement of support from your Couple Therapy for Depression training supervisor
• a statement of support from a current work-based supervisor, if different
• a statement of support from your line manager

What are the supervision requirements?

Trainees will be expected to undertake and successfully complete two Couple Therapy for Depression cases and to take part in weekly peer supervision groups. This may require telephone or video conferencing. Trainees will be required to submit digital recordings of therapy sessions as well as verbal reports. They will receive fortnightly consultation on their supervision for six months with an approved training supervisor. This is most likely to be in a small group.

What accreditation will successful supervisors receive?

Successful completion of the Supervisor training enables accreditation as a Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Supervisor. Successful trainees can be listed as accredited Supervisors with the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors – the Lead Accrediting Body for this modality.

How to apply:

Download the application form here, and return it to the address provided.


If you have any queries please contact the Training Coordinator


Phone: 020 7380 8288

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Couple Therapy for Depression

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Training Dates

Practitioner Training: 17-21 Sept 2018, Leeds

Practitioner Training: 15-19 Oct 2018, London

Practitioner Training: 18-22 Feb 2019, London

Practitioner Training: 18-20 and 25-26th Mar 2019, Leeds

Supervisor Training: 21 Nov 2018, London

CPD Training: 5 Dec 2018, London

“Highly interactive - Use of mix of video, role-play, trainer impact”