1.  I’m really interested in couple therapy but have little experience of working with couples. Can I join the practitioner training?

Yes, the training is open to all counsellors and therapists working at Step 3 within an IAPT service or in the voluntary sector with a contract with the NHS, who have an interest in extending their practice to work with couples where one, or both, are diagnosed with depression. Access to couple referrals for training cases is essential.

2.  I’m a systemic therapist. Is this course suitable for me?

Yes – as long as you have relevant clinical experience. Couple Therapy for Depression has been developed by identifying best practice in a range of behavioural and other types of couple therapies evidenced in RCT effectiveness trials. It is an integrative model and suitable for therapists and counsellors from a variety of training backgrounds. The training team welcomes applicants from a range of approaches to facilitate a rich learning experience.

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1. I am a couple trained supervisor. Do I need to have completed the practitioner training before I apply for the supervisor training?

Yes, applicants should have successfully completed the practitioner training and be accredited Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT practitioners. The supervisor training is specific to this model.

2. I don’t have a formal qualification in supervision but I do have experience of supervising others. Am I eligible for this course?

You might be. We will consider applicants who have experience of providing supervision of couple therapy, but who do not hold a recognised qualification. You should have a minimum of two years supervisory practice. The core supervisor didactic part of the training is conducted over only one day with the greater emphasis placed on supervising within an IAPT context and on reinforcing couple therapy for depression practice, including the ability to assess other practitioners and score their competencies using the standardised Couple Therapy for Depression Competency Adherence Scale rating form. The course is not a generic couple therapy supervision training.

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Couple Therapy for Depression

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“I have experienced this as delivery of model - now will be about 'using' the course material, theoretical impact - 'in action'. A great course!”