There is a sound rationale for Relate providing the workforce within the NHS to deliver the Couple Therapy for Depression model; its integrative components are well suited to Relate practitioners’ training – it was always ‘the vision’.

The training to deliver this therapy through Relate Centres will depend on each Centre creating a prior working relationship and contract for delivery with their local IAPT services, to provide an appropriate referral pathway and the necessary funding for training.

Tavistock Relationships’ practitioner training in Couple Therapy for Depression has had a longstanding history with Relate, who formed part of the initial Expert Reference Group for the model. Six years on and we have been delivering this training not only within IAPT services but also with Relate counsellors and supervisors.

Thus, specifically for Relate, Tavistock Relationships have revised the CTfD competency adherence framework and assessment (see attached Portfolio requirements and competency framework) with more emphasis of an understanding of depression, its symptoms, risk and relapse prevention and increased self-reflection on learning and supervision.

Aims of the Training:

  1. To focus on advanced couple therapy skills and techniques for working with depression in accordance with NICE guidelines and evidence based practice
  2. To revise couple therapy techniques
  3. To focus on depression, its symptoms, assessment and risk
  4. To focus on the couple as a resource for recovery from depression and relapse prevention
  5. Offering techniques in delivering a model and contract setting and the importance of this when working with a diagnosis of depression in one or both partners
  6. To provide the context for working within IAPT services and offering Couple Therapy for Depression for Relate workers

Feedback from our recent pilot bespoke training for Relate in Worcester (November 2016):

  • “Very helpful focus on the way depression may impact couple/family dynamics”
  • “Has been useful to renew, revise and expand my knowledge”
  • “I have experienced this as delivery of model - now will be about 'using' the course material, theoretical impact - 'in action'. A great course!”
  • “Highly interactive - Use of mix of video, role-play, trainer impact”
  • “Provision of space to explore ideas and share knowledge and experience”
  • “Very well organised - Excellent trainers”
  • “A complete model from start to finish”
  • “The mix of didactic, exponential delivery of the training”

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Couple Therapy for Depression