By David Hewison, Christopher Clulow and Harriet Drake.

Tavistock Relationships is pleased to announce the publication of ‘Couple Therapy for Depression – A Clinician’s Guide to Integrative Practice’, written by Tavistock Relationships’ David Hewison, Christopher Clulow and Harriet Drake.

Written by couple therapists who understand the unique challenges of doing therapy with couples, this book is based on Tavistock Relationships’ training programme for Couple Therapy for Depression commissioned by the NHS.


This book begins by describing the causes and consequences of depression before focusing on its impact on the adult couple. Highlighting the particular techniques needed in safe and effective work with distressed couples, it goes through the different ways in which the couple’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviours need to be understood and worked with in order to reduce relationship distress. It outlines the treatment of four different couples to illustrate the therapy in action and it includes the national competencies and an outline assessment form so that therapists can rate themselves.

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Couple Therapy for Depression