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Study of IAPT practitioners trained in Couple Therapy for Depression (CTFD) proves strong value of the modality for patients’ overall wellbeing

A recent in-house study conducted by Tavistock Relationships has made the significant finding that Couple Therapy for Depression has a significant positive effect on both anxiety and depression AS WELL AS improving couple relationship quality and, crucially, that improvements in relationship satisfaction are predictive of recovery from depression.

Figures released today (27 February 2018) by NHS Digital show that people who are fortunate enough to gain access to mental health services that offer the Couple Therapy for Depression treatment, when needing help with their anxiety or depression, are more likely to recover from symptoms of depression and anxiety. This type of couple therapy is delivered via the NHS by therapists trained at Tavistock Relationships. Read the full press release here

Couple Therapy for Depression Training now open to all therapists with experience of working with couples (non-IAPT).

This training aims to develop clinicians’ skills and abilities in working with relational factors in the context of depression in order to enable couples to use their relationship as a resource to cope better with depression.

Paul and Sandy's Story

Paul, 43, is a teacher and employed by the same secondary school in Sheffield that he went to as a child. He’s a devoted teacher and student mentor and unable to spend as much time with his family as he would like. His wife, Sandy, 37, looks after the couples’ two young sons.

By The Couple Therapy for Depression Training Team.


Tavistock Relationships, (TR), internationally renowned for its couple expertise in training and clinical delivery, was commissioned by NHS England to create and develop the training for Couple Therapy for Depression, (CTfD), as a modality additional to CBT, for delivery within IAPT services nationally. The model seeks to redress the precipitating and maintaining factors in dysfunctional interactions and cognitions between partners as a result of depression. 

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Couple Therapy for Depression