Qualify as an accredited Couple Therapy for Depression practitioner with our training course. This CPD course is made up of 5 days of formal teaching and 20 sessions of supervision which enable practitioners to practice the NICE approved Couple Therapy for Depression approach as a treatment for mild to moderate depression in IAPT Services. Successful completion of the course and supervised clinical work allows accreditation as a ‘Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Practitioner’.

Tavistock Relationships was commissioned by the NHS in 2010 to offer a training programme in Couple Therapy for Depression for use in IAPT services.  Following recommendations from NICE guidelines, Couple Therapy for Depression was developed by identifying best practice in a range of behavioural, cognitive, emotionally-focused, systemic and psychodynamic couple therapies evidenced in RCT effectiveness trials. It is a brief (20 session) integrative-behavioural treatment for depression for couples where one or both of the partners are experiencing both relationship distress and depression. Tavistock Relationships is currently the only IAPT fully-accredited training provider for Couple Therapy for Depression practitioner and supervisor training.

Who the course is for?

An interest in developing and extending their practice to work with couples where one or both are diagnosed with depression and, ideally applicants should be in an IAPT Service, or be able to access their clinical work through an IAPT Service.  All applicants need to be able to access appropriate couple referrals from the outset of the course. Experience of working with couples is beneficial, although this is not a prerequisite.

Course content and structure

Our practitioner course includes 5 days of formal teaching, 9 months of fortnightly supervision and assessment of 6 tapes in total from 2 training cases as well as verbal reports.  Supervision will be conducted in groups and may require telephone or video conferencing.


On successful completion, participants can apply for accreditation as a “Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Practitioner”.


Funded training by Health Education England (HEE) for professionals in IAPT services in London and North West.

Funding may also be available in other regions for those able to secure funding directly from their local HEE branch and access their clinical work through an IAPT Service.

*Self-funders who have access to couples are also eligible to apply.

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Couple Therapy for Depression

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Training Dates

CPD Training: 21st January 2019, London

Supervisor: 4th February 2019, Leeds

CPD Training: 6th Feb 2019, London

Practitioner Training: 25thFeb - 1st March 2019

Practitioner Training: 18th, 19th, 20th and 25th and 26th March 2019 Leeds

“I have experienced this as delivery of model - now will be about 'using' the course material, theoretical impact - 'in action'. A great course!”